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Friday, 14 December 2012

I am “Miguna Miguna”, there is no problem with that



I have been a witness of the ongoings of this statesman with a dream to inform people of the failings of, his once was, friend the prime minister of Kenya Raila Omollo Odinga. He seeks justice, at least, he says. There is no problem with that. His reception among the political class and the Kenyan people is appalling and there has not been any interference of the president. People caught on the media have made him a coffin, abused his personality, strongly rejected his presence as an individual and nothing has been done about it. Seems like, there is no problem with that too.

Kenya is a democracy, not Kenyans. Get the difference. They never talk about it only when an election has been done and the results are out. I thought that this was a synonym for elections for sometime. Miguna Miguna represents me, and all of us Kenyans. Those of us who have ideas of truth and whose freedom of expression is being suppressed by the political elite. We fight for them, while in essence they manipulate us. They manipulate me and you. Who am I to say no? I do not live on a good wage and surely that bribe would feed me tonight.

Yet we are the ones who are the first to hush him, throw stuff at him, tell him how wrong he is in his fight for us, for a better Kenya. Irony. There is no problem with that.

Miguna Miguna is a man whose destiny, dreams and desires to promote truth have failed. He makes me think of myself and how my criticisms in good detail of the government can lead to my close death. This is a democratic Kenya we live in, there is no problem with that. It reminds me of the era of His excellency former president Daniel Arap Moi. He was another man who could not stand the truth in criticisms towards him. Yet we all say we have a right to an opinion. Perhaps, “we” does not include “Us”, the Kenyan majority, just the political community.

This is a wake up call for us Kenya!!! Every harm on Miguna Miguna is a direct harm on me and you. He is Kenyan, we are Kenyan. I would not be cheated into violence against such a man, neither should you! I am him and he is me/us. I am tired of seeing violence against him because more than a human being he is me.

I want to fight for justice for Kenya one day and this is not the treatment I envision.  I envy his brevity and respect him because of what he is ready to die for. It is the only measure of a man that I can use. Everyday it is my hope that we will come back to that dream of a democratic Kenya, “Come baby come”. And yet there will be no problem with that.

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