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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Kenya should have a presidential debate?

Henceforth let us ponder so that when we can’t and won't, we will at least remember what we pondered about when we did.  I realise that for too long Kenya has played one game far too many times. This game has breed greed, corruption, separated long lived neighbours and left a lot of children homeless. Hence let us ponder and pretend even if it is just for a moment about peace, reuniting, selflessness and more peace. Let us at least debate so that when we can’t or won’t we will at least remember what we pondered about when we did.

The makers and breakers of Kenya and those of Africa are still alive. Our boundaries were determined by the greedy, corrupt, separated long lived neighbours who cared less about children. They call this the scramble of Africa. We were not consulted or even aware of people working day and night to kill our originality. They succeeded and now let us ponder. Let us have access to our own intelligence and originality that which is truly ours since we have not lost it. Let us worry about peace and unity. This is the primary reason for why we should have a presidential debate.

Our politics has been woven by tight tribal threads. We care less about substance but, worse than the color of the skin, just a name? These names divide us, create allies and foes, gives them rage, gives us rage, we strive to see our own devil in power, so long as he is not a saviour with a name that does not match our little own lineage. We miss the point, even the scramble for Africa had better motives than these. So let us ponder, do we want peace or everlasting animosity, hell.

Now that we ponder, should Kenya have a presidential debate? Yes. Why?

To mimic the west
Let us move from our definition of democracy being the ability to hold a general election to that which mimics the makers. Lets us carry it out in a more proper way. Let us give all candidates who wish to lead this nation the ability to air their views and dreams of a Kenya better explained by them. We shall not deny other candidates as the west but we shall head for ideas that are more powerful than fame.

We have to reveal the real personalities behind the campaign photos
Let us aim for the real other than the suited men and woman who in reality contain naked souls filled with something close to that which seeks to divide us. Let us go beyond the smile that has been manipulated  by Photoshop to evoke a sense of hope. I n brief, let us fight Photoshop head on.

We have to go beyond tribal politics
Let us never use anything other than issues and substance to judge. How many people that you know have died in the past due to this? How many people have died because of this in nations that go beyond this? Almost none. We are never going to reach heights unless we kill this devil in us, never. Remember me when you can.

We have to really know why we are one country
Self explanatory.

We have to know the work of a president
Other than wearing a suit, bearing a name that has the majority tribe and declaring public holidays we want to know what he/she does. We never see, smell, hear or even taste.

We ought to be given some figures to work with
Unemployment is at 40%. That means almost 20million of the 41 million Kenyans are unemployed. The unemployed youth are 70%. Let us get these figures to be known by at least all of us so that we can ponder of their truth, or even their future, if they are true. “If we are now hungry at 41million, what will we be at 53million” ~ Peter Kenneth.

For the love of the peace of young nations and continents that are our homes or not, we should promote  peace. I hope to kick start dialogue. Why should Kenya hold a debate? Why do YOU think so or not?