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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lets mourn the late Bingu Wa Mutharika's death with the truth

Malawi soldiers lash back at anti-government protestors protesting high fuel prices

I know that the pain of truth hurts but the pain of oppression and marginalization surely hurts more. President Mutharika was an outspoken dictator; he oppressed women, trampled on the rights of Malawians and never showed compassion or even cared about it. Needless to say that he served his country and changed the outlook of the agricultural sector. Tell me, which is heavier one good or many bad? They are all equal.

Mutharika was a tough man on an authoritarian trip who had no doubts ordering a heavy clampdown on people demanding for their rights. Thinking and listening was too hard for him and for those who tried killing a bird with two stones were met with deafness. The media was ‘censored on interest of the public’. This is a direct infringement of Malawi’s freedom of expression and sovereignty. This is more than just denying you a voice but taking the larynx as well. Anyway you do not need one to converse with birds...

If he was strong, estimable and honorable as was broadcasted in 2010 he would have humbly listened and acted accordingly. That is it and as Winston Churchill puts it, “All great things are simple and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” None of these can describe his regime but he surely left us with something to remember. Peter, his brother, who is the current Democratic Progressive Party’s candidate for 2014. Appointed at a 100% vote from Mutharika just to show that he can be democratic at times on his own. Sometimes people do not know what is right for them?

Those who disagreed with this move were not worthy of his association since they were not ready to abide by his ‘principles’; by the way this was the whole nation. Joyce Banda, then the vice president, was given a nasty new name, Lucifer, and expelled. What are the young Malawian’s learning from this? Is this leadership by example? Perhaps it is not a problem of his, he was a product of his time and knew very well that he will not be there to see the harm he had inflicted on the new generation.

Do bad people die in Africa? Perhaps they did before I was conceived and will do after my lifetime or even they are immortal. Are we moving forward with this lie? when the dead die in Africa do they feel the pain of truth? If not why lie? if so how do you know? Is the truth relevant? What are your thoughts?

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