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Friday, 30 March 2012

Let’s play truth or dare

That is all the game is about; telling the truth and be dared to do something.


·         Double edged toy with one sharp side and other less sharp.

·         more than one people

·         someone you know but would like to know more

·         people that know secrets

·         Rumors.

·         your ears, brain and mouth


1.       Sit in a circle and leave enough space in the middle for rolling of the toy.

2.       Call everybody’s attention and roll the toy.

3.       The person who the sharp side of the toy point at when it stops has to chose either truth or dare.

4.       If he chooses truth, one person asks a question to this person about perhaps a rumor or a truth that needs verifying that he knows to be true but other people in the game don’t know.

5.       If he chooses dare, one person dares him to do something that everyone in the game would not dare to do.

6.       Then roll the toy and repeat the procedure and get informed of people’s life.

Note: It is not part of the rules to dare someone to say the truth or doing the vice versa which doesn’t make sense, or not. One question only.

Essence: If you thought that you were the worst person in the world it will turn out that you are a pessimist and perhaps should keep it up because turns out you can never be right. You will surely know people both at work and at home. Also identify the confidence in each other and to never underestimate them.

Worth trying or not?